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How to grow with a heart? Technology as a change enabler

In the dynamic environment of modern business, change is inevitable. The world around us is changing in ways that are almost impossible to foresee – which is why it’s vital for businesses to ensure that they keep up with the pace. The journey towards sustainable growth finds its power in technology, which is not only reshaping industries but also finding ways to thrive in a world that’s balancing between development and preservation.

How to grow with a heart? Technology as a change enabler

AI and ML rewrite the rules

We are living in the autumn of 2023. One might say that generative AI has been all the rage on the top of the hype curve for a while now, and if you’ve managed to avoid the topic it might imply a year-long solitude on a remote island for the past year. But it’s probably safe to assume that you’re in the loop and aware of the fact that these technologies will dramatically shape the way we do business and go about our everyday lives, just like the dotcom bubble two decades ago. This landscape features algorithms capable of delivering enhanced services, personalized experiences, or even managing tasks like cars driving autonomously or tackling pest control, all within the realm of possibility. 

It is going to be a different game, one that combines human ingenuity with the computational prowess of machines. On a global scale, AI-assisted discovery and innovation in medicine has the potential of improving the lives of millions of people. Enterprises can harness AI to fine-tune their strategies and operations, streamline supply chains, and minimize their carbon footprints. Doing responsibly, with a heart, nurtures steady growth for businesses and a healthy planet for them to prosper in. 

Cloud is not just a tool but an ally

While talking to our customers, we constantly hear forward-thinking business leaders highlighting how their digital strategy and ESG goals are linked tightly to each other. Cloud is one of the technologies that enable businesses to meet their ambitious sustainability goals. Not only offering more agile ways of working but also enabling companies to take the fast lane on a digital transformation, unlocking new solutions and sustainable innovation.  

The idea of consuming only what one needs is a well-known mantra for building a sustainable future. In the business world, the cloud is the perfect accelerator as the whole purpose of using public cloud providers such as Azure, AWS and Google Cloud is that you can use them on-demand. Cloud can be scaled “infinitely” at the time resources are needed, and then scaled back down, even to zero, if need be, once there’s no longer need for the resources. And cloud does this more energy-efficiently than one could do in one’s own data centres, with very little resources wasted. Thus, cloud offers companies an effective way to reduce their carbon footprint, coupled with a greener footprint, greener planet, and greener balance sheet. 

Empathy in analytics is the key to sustainable business

The key to analytics is the ability to provide insights from various types of data. At its best it can enable businesses to make informed decisions rather than relying on intuition or historical events. However, analytics is more than technology or mathematical formulas. To understand what is currently happening or what is going to happen in the future, one needs company-wide data literacy to uncover the stories behind the data. 

One could say that analytics is half technology and half heart – one cannot thrive without the other. By applying empathy in using analytics, organizations can anticipate the needs and desires of customers, employees, and even society, ultimately creating products and services that resonate with people and help understand the effects of our actions also to the environment. 

When businesses can make informed decisions by leveraging analytics with strong data literacy and empathy, it leads to decisions that cater to customer needs, advance employee engagement, and predict market trends. This approach further aids in risk mitigation, resource optimization, ethical practices, and innovation aligned with societal and environmental concerns. Utilizing analytics with empathy will therefore lead to personalized experiences for clients or, for example, software users, along with long-term sustainability, responsible marketing, community engagement, transparency and accountability – all acting as key aspects in driving sustainable growth while feeding a positive impact on stakeholders and the society. 

Software sets you apart

Software in all its different shapes and forms runs the world, it has become ubiquitous. Websites, mobile applications, cars, refrigerators, even your clothes these days run a piece of software. Connected to each other these myriads of devices create a mesh also known as Internet of Things. Unique bespoke solutions created in software are the key for businesses to stand above the rest, to differentiate from competition. 

Proper design and use of software is also a great enabler for sustainability in and by technology. By adopting green coding techniques businesses can ensure that their inevitable use of software is done in a sustainable manner. Advancements in green technologies in energy, transport and other areas would not be possible without the help of software. With AI and machine learning mixed, businesses get “software on steroids”, an elevated platform for sustainable growth and innovation. 

Automation paves the way for sustainable business growth

As you might already know, automation of tasks improves the performance of processes, improves the quality of work results and makes human work more meaningful. Automated processes perform routine tasks faster, more often and without commitment to traditional working hours. Automation also enables the removal of unnecessary work steps and tools that were previously needed for manual data processing.  

The streamlining of the processes alone improves the use of resources and saves energy. In addition to freeing up technical resources, by automating frustrating and time-consuming routine tasks, one can free up employee working time to be used for tasks that are more important from a business point of view and generate more value. 

By driving efficiency and quality through optimizing resources and minimizing waste, automation paves the way for sustainable business growth. By providing employees with more value-added tasks, fostering innovation and enhancing overall operational excellence, automation is truly one of the many elements of technology that lead to businesses’ sustained growth. 

Grow with a heart

There is a pressing need for a more sustainable and inclusive world. A world where it has become evident for businesses that to flourish, they need to base it on sustainable growth. This is where technology has a crucial role, by enabling businesses to reduce their environmental footprint, analyse with empathy, improve efficiency and show their commitment to a greener future by turning sustainability goals into reality. 

By utilizing sustainable technologies, green software techniques and responsible AI practices, businesses can lead the way towards a future that bridges the gap between growth and ethical conduct. A combination of technology, sensible doing and empathy is the cornerstone for businesses to grow with a heart.