The future is not what it used to be

Together with Nordic Business Forum, we challenge businesses to be the change

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For all decision-makers in all organizations,
for all of us, as decision-makers in our daily lives,
the accelerating change and reduced visibility in markets and societies create unprecedented challenges.

And opportunities.

The ability to see the bigger picture, to anticipate changing needs
and to do the right things at the right time will be critical for achieving sustainable success today and over time.

As pioneers of Nordic digitalization and transformation, we can help businesses and societies to grow and thrive like no other.

We identify and drive the positive impact of growth, while delivering sustainable results.

As makers of a sustainable future, we deliver
Growth with a heart.

Catharina Stackelberg, Senior Vice President, Knowit, and Chair of the Board, Alma Media, spoke about vision and innovation at the Nordic Business Forum.

Watch the full discussion on customer value, transformation, and growth.

How to grow with a heart? Read about our views on leading the change toward a better future

Lessons from Nordic Business Forum 2023

Curiosity, Courage, and Technology: Lessons from Nordic Business Forum 2023

The Nordic Business Forum 2023 was an event full of interesting characters, fresh ideas, and valuable lessons. It reminded us how the world is nowhere ready yet, and that our daily choices play a big role in the future.

Leading transformation

Picture your dream and go after it! - The power of a larger vision

Companies must craft an inspiring story for diverse stakeholders in today's complex world, outlining their future direction. We asked Catharina Stackelberg why a larger vision is crucial for companies today.

How to grow with a heart

Technology as a change enabler

The journey towards sustainable business growth finds its power in technology, which is reshaping industries and finding ways to thrive in a world of constant change.

In the digital transformation era, businesses are shifting their focus towards perfecting their digital customer experience, recognizing it as a key competitive advantage that can differentiate them in the market.

Digital CX as a Key Competetive Advantage

In the digital transformation era, businesses are shifting their focus towards perfecting their digital customer experience, recognizing it as a key competitive advantage that can differentiate them in the market.

One Transformation and Customer Lens to Combine It All

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, transformation has become a vital part of business prosperity. Whether you're a startup aiming for rapid growth or a large listed company navigating through market shifts, transformation is the key to staying relevant and competitive.

How to play and win in the sweet and sour market environment

Ever found yourself wondering how a company that has never turned a profit can have a valuation worth millions of euros? Or how you can grow a business in a mature, sometimes even stagnant, market?

Change maturity test

Change maturity test

With this questionnaire, you’ll get an assessment of your organization’s ability to conduct efficient and impactful transformations.

Carbon footprint calculator

Test your website's carbon footprint

If the internet were a country, it would be the 4th largest polluter in the world.

Despite being often overlooked, websites have a significant impact on the environment. Sustainable web design can minimize energy and bandwidth use by making conscious design choices. 

Use our carbon footprint calculator to assess your website's footprint. We are ready to help you improve it!


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NBF MiniPodcasts

Sani Leino

Sani Leino; CEO, Social Company

Sani Leino, CEO of Social Company Oy, shared us his thoughts about this year’s NBF and about the importance of knowing where you are now as a company, and why knowing that is not enough when we live in a world of constant change.

Kim Väisänen

Kim Väisänen, Start-up Investor

In the second day of the NBF morning sessions we heard Nicolai Tangen to talk about the power of change. We happened to meet Kim Väisänen, a start-up investor and entrepreneur, on the floor and he shared his thoughts about change.

Anette Gothoni

Annette Gothóni, Chief Executive Officer, Suomen World Vision

Our short sessions from Nordic Business Forum continues as we have CEO Annette Gothóni from Suomen World Vision to share her thoughts on the theme "Be:Change".


Alf Rehn

Alf Rehn, a Professor of Innovation, Design and Management

This year's theme in Nordic Business Forum is Be:Change. Alf Rehn, a Professor of Innovation, Design and Management, stopped by to share his view on the theme.

Petri Matero

Petri Matero, Rockstar, Matero & Partners Oy

Inspired by the first session from Patrick Lencioni’s “Healthy leader, healthy team, healthy organization” Petri Matero shared a bit of his own thoughts and gave a few tips on how to drive change on our second interview of the day 1.

Hannele ja Pekka

Hannele Peltonen, Marketing Director from Martela Oyj

In our first interview from Nordic Business Forum Hannele Peltonen, Marketing Director from Martela Oyj shares her thoughts about the importance of change.

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