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Reduce, Remove, Recycle and Grow – our model for New Growth

Let´s be clear. The whole idea behind growth has been challenged by the scientific community, activists and even business leaders. Growth as it is traditionally defined depends on unsustainable exploitation of planetary resources, reduces human well-being into material wealth and is unevenly distributed.

Reduce, Remove, Recycle and Grow – our model for New Growth

Now, despite – and primarily because of this – we challenge ourselves, our customers and our partners to realign and rethink their actions with a new model for growth.  

Simply put, our ambition for New Growth is a systematic way to transition and transform how businesses work, create value and measure success. It includes four steps that are in part linear, in part conjunctive – but all contributing to a wholly transformed, sustainable enterprise. With our approach, businesses can transition from old legacy models to sustainable business, with a sharp eye on profitability, margin and return on investment.

REDUCE: We need to reduce resource use, but also digital waste and organizational complexity. Data, analytics and technology skills are the necessary prerequisites for this to happen.  

REMOVE: As businesses transform, they need to critically re-evaluate which outdated functions, operations or value creation models can a company simply stop doing, for their own and the planet´s benefit.

RECYCLE: Circular economy is no longer a sub-set of the overall economy, but the defining characteristics of all businesses. This requires new ways and streams to create financial value.

GROW: Successful organizations and businesses will keep growing, in size and financial success but also in their positive impact to people and the planet. In fact, with New Growth, these will not be mutually exclusive. To make this visible, we need to define new metrics for success.

Businesses sit now at the crossroads – we can choose to change and start turning ambitions and visions into reality or keep adhering to outdated assumptions and outcomes. If you want to work transforming your organization and its results from old legacy models to a New Growth, connect with Petteri Lillberg, Director, Sustainable Business at +358 50 359 1572,