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DevOps CI/CD tool pipeline by Knowit and Tieturi

Get familiar with the DevOps pipeline!

You will learn to use the continuous integration / continuous delivery tools in DevOps – type environments where Jenkins and other tools can compile code and run test automation automatically with version control utilizing docker containers.​


Contents of the course

Main topics:

  • CI/CD and DevOps pipelines
  • Linux terminal
  • Git version control
  • Jenkins automation server
  • Using Docker containers on pipelines


Exercises and examples include:

  • Using Ansible in pipelines
  • Deploying to Kubernetes from a pipeline
  • Connecting Jenkins to SonarQube
  • Executing Robot Framework tests on a pipeline
  • Examples of common tasks executed on CI/CD and DevOps pipelines


Target audience

For all those who are interested in automation of continuous integration / continuous delivery. The course is intended for DevOps automation developers, testers, software designers and developers. ​



Basic knowledge of software development and understanding the principles of programming are recommended as they make it easier to take in the contents of the course. This course is workshop-weighted and so the student’s must have their own laptops in use.​



VAT will be added to the above-mentioned prices.


The course is arranged in collaboration with Tieturi.