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DASA Portfolio Management by Knowit and Tieturi

DASA Portfolio Management offers organizations a pathway to better strategic alignment, quicker decision-making and market adaptability.

The DASA Portfolio Management certification program enables portfolio managers and trans-formation leaders to align their portfolio process, instruments, and practices to enable a high-performance organization and align their portfolio strategies to their organization’s goals and strategies.

By choosing DASA Portfolio Management, organizations and individuals will learn to take a comprehensive approach to portfolio management that drives strategic alignment, value deliv-ery, establishes effective governance practices, fosters collaboration and communication, and promotes continuous improvement. This results in improved portfolio performance, enhanced agility, and the ability to deliver value continuously to customers.



Course contents:

  • Introduction to Adaptive Portfolio Management
  • Translating Business Objectives to Portfolio Goals and Strategy
  • Organizing the Portfolio around Value Streams
  • Optimization of the Portfolio for Maximum Value Delivery
  • Effective Governance Practices in Adaptive Portfolio Management
  • Effective Communication in Adaptive Portfolio Management
  • Exam Preparation Guide



  • Recognize the importance of aligning business objectives with portfolio strategy.
  • Align business objectives and goals with portfolio strategy
  • Organize the portfolio around value streams that provide continuous value delivery to the customers & secure funding for it
  • Optimize the portfolio to maximize value delivery by eliminating waste
  • Make data-driven decisions for:
  • Resource allocation
  • Portfolio Investment
  • Backlog Management
  • Establish effective governance practices to ensure alignment, transparency, and deci-sion-making within the portfolio
  • Communicate portfolio vision and strategy to all stakeholders


Target groups

Primary Audience:

  • Portfolio Managers
  • Strategic Leadership (C* level)
  • Product Managers
  • Epic Owners (Program/Project Managers)
  • Transformation


Secondary Audience:

  • Product Owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Enterprise Architect




Basic familiarity with Agile, Scrum, Lean, and ITSM principles is beneficial.


About the Cer­ti­fica­tion Exam

This training course prepares you for DASA Portfolio Management certification exam.

The examination takes 40 minutes with non-native speakers of English being permitted an additional 10 minutes. It is a closed-book, web-based exam and consists of 20 multiple-choice questions. The passing grade is 65%. Note! The price of certification 300 € + vat. will be added to the course fee. We recommend you to take the certification exam in about 1 week after the training. The exam is remotely proctored, meaning that you can take the test anywhere: only an internet connection and a quiet place is needed.


About DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association)

DevOps Agile Skills Association (DASA) is a non-profit organization that provides an open, global community for DevOps and Agile skills development. It is organized as a community-driven platform open to participating member organizations to help define role-based competencies and learning curricula. For more information go to:

This training is organized in affiliation with Knowit Solutions Oy and DevOps Agile Skills Association. Training material and test is in English, training is run in Finnish or in English.


Training days begin at 9:00 and end at around 16:00 - 16.30.



VAT will be added to the above-mentioned prices.


This course is arranged in collaboration with Tieturi.