TMMI® Assessor

About this event

This 3-day TMMi® Assessor course teaches you the practical skills required to assess an or-ganisation’s testing maturity in-line with the TMMi model. You will receive personal tuition by a leading member of the TMMi Foundation who will impart learnings through lectures, practical exercises and peer discussions.

On completion of the course, you are eligible for accreditation as a TMMi Assessor capable of conducting Informal and Formal TMMi Assessments that measure an organisation’s testing maturity.

The course will be held online from Monday to Wednesday, 12. - 14.12.2022, starting at 9.00 every day. The trainer will be Clive Bates from our training partner Planit. The course will be held in English.

Contents of the course:

  • TMMi Professional refresher
  • Organizational drivers and goals
  • Benefits of TMMi assessment and TMMi assessment types
  • Using the published TMMi docu-ments
  • Assessor accreditation requirements
  • The TMMi career path
  • Starting and running TMMi assess-ment activities
  • Estimating effort for an assessment
  • Use different assessment interview-ing techniques
  • Assessment information from differ-ent personality types
  • Scoring assessments and illustrating the results
  • Analyzing results of different as-sessment types
  • Preparing and presenting the results
  • Assessment closure and results submission

Learning objectives:

  • Build upon the skills and knowledge gained from the TMMi Professional course
  • Develop an in-depth practical understanding of the TMMi Framework
  • Gain practical experience in:
  • Planning and preparing for an assessment
  • Leveraging different techniques for conducting effective interviews
  • Scoring the information gleaned from interviews and analyzing the results
  • Preparing and reporting the results of an assessment to the client
  • Preparing the final reports for submission to the TMMi Foundation


Candidates wishing to participate in the TMMi Assessor course must possess the ISTQB Foun-dation Certificate and TMMi Professional Certificate.


There is no exam associated with this course. Official TMMi Assessor Accreditation can be sought by candidates that satisfy the course prerequisites, complete this accredited course in full, and submit their application for accreditation to the TMMi Foundation.

Target group:

The TMMi Assessor course is designed for anyone involved in test management, leadership or process improvement.

If you're interested, please contact Kari Kakkonen ( for further information or registration to the course.