Risk Based Testing eLearning Course by Planit and Knowit

Risk Based Testing eLearning Course by Planit and Knowit 

Effectively plan your projects by effectively managing risk.

Get more control and reduce risk in software production

Risk Based Testing helps identify and evaluate risk with confidence, which makes it a good fit for software testing practitioners and business analysts,

You’ll learn how to plan effectively and manage risk for highly controlled projects by concentrating test resources in areas that provide the maximum business benefit.

Target Audience

This course has no prerequisites and is able to be undertaken by anyone interested in Risk Based Testing. It will benefit software testing practitioners wanting to identify and evaluate risk with confidence, and business analysts looking to effectively plan highly controlled projects.

Learning Outcomes

  • Define the key risk concepts
  • Recall core risk activities
  • Summarise who the risk stakeholders are and identify their expectations
  • Perform risk identification using a variety of techniques
  • Classify the different ways of determining and recording risk values

Concepts and Terminology

  • Failure mode
  • Product risk mitigation
  • Project risk mitigation
  • Project success factors
  • Qualitative risk values
  • Risk control
  • Risk identification
  • Risk management
  • Risk mitigation


€120+VAT excluding certificate exam


Our online package allows for self-paced learning and the flexibility to study within your own schedule for 12 months, starting within 48 hours (in business days) from your order. The suggested study time for this course is 2 days.

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  • MS Internet Explorer 10, 11
  • MS Edge
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  • Google Chrome 54
  • Safari OS X
  • Mobile Browser Android >4 and iOS >9


  • Introduction to testing and risk
  • Risk management
  • Risk identification
  • Risk analysis
  • Risk mitigation
  • Risk control