Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for Management (1 day)

This course is an introduction to artificial intelligence (AI). You will learn the basic ideas on how to plan a machine learning (ML) project, how to choose the areas where to apply ML/AI and how to avoid the most common pitfalls. You will also learn how to choose the suitable metrics in order to keep on track with the success of the project.

Target group:

This course is aimed for managers who are considering the utilization of ML/AI in their organization and want to have a general idea on how to create and run an ML project.

The training is held in Finnish or English depending on the participants, training materials are in English. The approximate length of the training is 6 hours.

Course contents:

• Overview of ML-AI
• Applications of machine learning
• How to choose right projects for machine learning?
• When should you not use machine learning?
• Planning a machine learning project
• Skills needed for machine learning
• Choosing the right tools
• KPIs for a ML project.