Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence in Data Analytics

Applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming ever more important tool for data analytics. Particularly, the increasing amount of data enables usage of better models. Also, Machine Learning (ML) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have brought new tools for data analysts to model data and dynamic systems.

On this course, participants learn the terminology and principles of the most common methods. Participants will get experience on how to use Python ready-made machine learning libraries for data analytics. After the course, participants will have a have good foundation to understand discussions on Machine Learning and know how to choose the right methods for their applications. Participants will also be able to assess the performance of different models.

Target group:
The course is intended for data analysts who are not yet familiar with practical usage of machine learning. The course starts from basics and it is suitable for beginners.

Course material is in English and exercises are done with Python programming language. Basic skills in Python greatly aids in understanding the exercises.

The course duration spans over two (2) days, approx. six (6) hours per day.