ISTQB Adv/Security Tester Certificate eLearning Course by Planit and Knowit

Develop a truly niche skillset in security testing and gain recognition as an advanced security testing professional.

Learning Outcomes

  • Plan, perform and evaluate security tests from a variety of perspectives.
  • Evaluate an existing security test suite and identify any additional security tests needed.
  • Analyse a given set of security policies and procedures, along with security test results, to determine effectiveness.
  • For a given project scenario, identify security test objectives based on functionality, technology attributes and known vulnerabilities.
  • Analyse a given situation and determine which security testing approaches are most likely to succeed in that situation.
  • Identify areas where additional or enhanced security testing may be needed.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of security mechanisms.
  • Help the organisation build information security awareness.
  • Demonstrate the attacker mentality by discovering key information about a target, performing actions on a test application in a protected environment that a malicious person would perform, and understand how evidence of the attack could be deleted.
  • Analyse a given interim security test status report to determine the level of accuracy, understandability, and stakeholder appropriateness.
  • Analyse and document security test needs to be addressed by one or more tools.

Concepts and Terminology

  • Acceptance Testing
  • Application Lifecycle Model
  • Asset Identification
  • Attack Scenarios
  • Authentication
  • Authorisation
  • Component Integration Testing
  • Component Level
  • Computer System Attacks
  • Concepts and Terminology
  • Data Gathering Mechanisms
  • Data Obfuscation Approaches
  • Encryption
  • Firewall
  • Human Behaviour
  • Intrusion Detection Tools
  • Malware Scanning Tools
  • Network zones
  • Open Source Tools
  • Risk Assessment
  • Security Audit
  • Security Awareness
  • Security Standards
  • Security Test Evaluation
  • Security Test Execution
  • Security Test Maintenance
  • Security Test Planning Objectives
  • Security Test Reporting
  • Security Testing Practices
  • Security Testing Tools
  • Social Engineering
  • Software Lifecycle
  • System Hardening
  • System Testing
  • Test Design
  • Test Environment


Our online package allows for self-paced learning and the flexibility to study within your own schedule for 6 months, starting within 48 hours (in business days) from your order.

Planit Virtual Academy works best on the following browsers:

  • MS Internet Explorer 10, 11
  • MS Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox version 45 Extended Support Release (ESR)
  • Google Chrome 54
  • Safari OS X
  • Mobile Browser Android >4 and iOS >9


€600+VAT excluding certificate exam


The 120 minute exam is conducted online and consists of 45 multiple choice questions, with a grade of 65% required to pass. Participants that take the exam not in their spoken language will receive an additional 25% time for a total of 150 minutes.

We recommend that you take the certificate exam after the course, and book and pay your own exam either in paper-based format or in e-exam from FiSTB


  • The Basis of Security Testing
  • Security Testing Purposes, Goals and Strategies
  • Security Testing Processes
  • Security Testing Throughout the Software Lifecycle
  • Testing Security Mechanisms
  • Human Factors in Security Testing
  • Security Test Evaluation and Reporting
  • Security Testing Tools
  • Standards and Industry Trends