ISTQB Adv. - Tech. Test Analyst Certificate eLearning by Planit and Knowit

Advanced certification that will improve your ability to evaluate technical system attributes.

Use advanced technical competency to better evaluate technical system attributes. Advanced certification that will improve your ability to evaluate technical system attributes.

Enhance your value as a technical tester by certifying your skills with the ISTQB Advanced Technical Test Analyst qualification. Designed for individuals with technical testing experience, this in-depth course explores new ways to plan, prepare and test using technical test techniques across the full Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC).

In this course, you will gain widely acknowledged best practice techniques and develop your advanced software testing competencies. These skills and certification will help you stand out in crowded job market and fast track your career to success.

Target Audience

The prerequisite for this course is the ISTQB® Foundation Certificate. It is also  recommended that candidates have at least three years practical testing experience.

This course will benefit experienced Testers wanting to build their technical testing skills to differentiate themselves and gain recognition among employers, clients and peers.

Technical Testers wanting to progress their technical testing skills, and Test Managers wanting a better understanding of technical testing skills, will also find value in this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Recognise the typical risks associated with non-functional aspects of software systems
  • Create test plans which detail the planning, design and execution of non-functional tests
  • Select and apply appropriate structural design techniques
  • Effectively participate in technical reviews with developers and software architects
  • Propose improvements to the security, maintainability and testability of code by applying static analysis
  • Outline the costs and benefits to be expected from introducing particular types of test automation
  • Select appropriate tools to automate technical testing tasks
  • Understand the technical issues and concepts in applying test automation

Concepts and Terminology

  • Adaptability testing
  • API testing
  • Architectural Reviews
  • Call graphs
  • Checklists
  • Co-existence and compatibility testing
  • Code Reviews
  • Condition testing
  • Data flow analysis
  • Dynamic analysis
  • Installability testing
  • Maintainability testing
  • MC/DC testing
  • Memory leaks
  • Model-based testing
  • Path testing
  • Performance testing
  • Performance testing tools
  • Portability testing
  • Reliability testing
  • Replaceability testing
  • Risk assessment
  • Risk identification
  • Risk mitigation
  • Risk recognition
  • Security testing
  • Software maturity
  • Static analysis
  • Test automation
  • Test tools
  • Wild pointers


Our online package allows for self-paced learning and the flexibility to study within your own schedule for 6 months, starting within 48 hours (in business days) from your order. The suggested study time for this course is 3 days.

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  • Google Chrome 54
  • Safari OS X
  • Mobile Browser Android >4 and iOS >9


€600+VAT excluding certificate exam


The 120 minute examination is independently administered and consists of a closed book, 45-question multiple choice exam. Candidates must score a minimum of 30 to become a ISTQB certified Advanced Technical Test Analyst.

We recommend that you take the certificate exam after the course, and book and pay your own exam either in paper-based format from or in e-exam format from test center at Sovelto


  • The Technical Test Analyst’s Tasks in Risk-Based Testing
  • Structure-Based Testing
  • Analytical Techniques
  • Quality Characteristics for Technical Testing
  • Reviews
  • Test Tools & Automation