Company-specific: User stories and testing workshop

Learn how to write user stories and use them in software testing!

User stories are the form of requirements management in many agile projects. There are many methods to create them. Many times as a by-product you also get acceptance test level test cases. In addition to the tests derived from user stories, you do need other testing, though. This workshop helps you learn to build good user stories and good tests, taking into account business, software development and testing needs.

After the course, you have an understanding of user story and test creation phases and techniques. With your knowledge, you can create user stories, which are clear and useful for all stakeholders. You understand what kind of tests are needed in addition to the user story based tests.

At the course you will also create real user stories and tests that can be used in participants’ own projects.

Contents of the course:

User stories

  • Writing user stories

Test cases based on user stories

Role and skills of a tester in an agile team

Your own user stories and tests -workshop

  • Creating user stories and high level test cases simultaneously

Essential principles, practices, and processes of agile testing

  • Differences between testing with traditional and agile approaches
  • Status of testing in agile projects

Agile testing methods, techniques and tools

  • Agile testing methods
  • Essential information needed to support testing activities
  • Tester’s role in an agile project/ Scrum team
  • Management of quality risks and coverage
  • Test estimation
  • Exploratory testing

Tar­get Group

User stories and testing course/workshop is suitable for people with basic understanding of software development, testing, and requirement management, and who want to learn the way to use user stories. At least some of the participants are expected to have practical experience of requirement management and testing. A group of participants that includes business analysts, software developers and testers works best for learning purposes.


This is a 2-day course. Training days begin at 9:00 and end at 16:00 - 16:30.

Training can be delivered in Finnish or in English.

To discuss the arranging of a course for your organization, please contact:

Kari Kakkonen, Director of training, Knowit Solutions Oy


Mob: +358 40 5239004

Pricing starting from 2500€/day.