Company-specific: Applying Professional Scrum (Professional Scrum Master)

Learn to how to apply Scrum in a professional manner!

During this two-day certification course you will learn how to facilitate demanding projects and how to support the development team and its self-management.

The course covers the following topics:

  • Scrum process model and elements
  • ”Selling” the Scrum model to the organization
  • Planning a demanding development project
  • Creating requirements together and individually
  • Facilitating the development team and increasing self-management
  • Facing difficult situations as a Scrum Master
  • Owning ans scaling the Scrum Process
  • The essential tasks of a Scrum Master
  • Practical exercises and discussion

Included in the course is an English course book and certification exam (to be taken separately online after the course). Those, who pass the exam, will receive a certificate from



You can attend the course without any prior knowledge about Scrum. To get the most benefit from the course, it is useful to read “The Scrum Guide” before the course ( It also includes some answers to the questions in the certification exam, so it’s another benefit from reading it.


Tar­get Group

The course is most suitable for people who already have some practical knowledge about Scrum and who especially want to improve their skills as a Scrum Master, but as is stated in the prerequisites, this is not mandatory.



This is a 2-day course. In addition, 1,5-hour pre- and post-sessions are included in the course. Training days begin at 9:00 and end at 16:00 - 16:30.

Training can be delivered in Finnish or in English. The Scrum master exam is in English.



Pricing starting from 2500€/day.

VAT will be added to the above-mentioned prices.


To discuss the arranging of a course for your organization, please contact:

Kari Kakkonen, Director of training, Knowit Solutions Oy


Mob: +358 40 5239004