Knowit Quality Summit

It is once again time for Knowit Quality Summit! The event is meant for Knowit employees as well as Knowit subcontractors.


The event will take place at historical Paasitorni. Knowit employees, please speak to your superior about sponsoring you to the event. 

Time:   Tuesday 20.3.2018 || 09.00 AM – 05.00 PM

Place:  Paasitorni Congress Center, Helsinki 

  • Knowit Subcontractor (alihankkija) á 200€
  • Knowit Group Employee á 100€
  • Knowit Oy Finland Employee á 100€ 

There are rooms available at Hotel Scandic Paasi for 127€/147€ when using booking code KNO180318 by 5.3.2018.  More info from:

We have also booked a hotel room quota with reduced prices from Hotel Arthur. You can ask for more information about the rooms and book here or vie email Please mention quota code KNOWITOY_006. The quota will be available as long as there are rooms or Feb 26th, 2018 latest.

We have the honour to welcome James Whittaker all the way from the States as our keynote speaker. James is an expert in creativity and storytelling within design, IT, testing and agile projects and holds vast experience from companies such as FBI, Google, IBM, Ericsson, Cisco and Microsoft. 


James Whittaker Technical Evangelist
Kari Kakkonen Lead Consultant & Director, Quality and Competences, Knowit



8:30   Registration and Coffee
9:00   Opening  
9:15    KEYNOTE: James Whittaker 
10:15   Break
10.30 Juhani Teeriniemi and Henri Grönblom, Knowit Finland: Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing
11.15 Kari Kakkonen, Knowit Finland: How will DevOps Make Companies More Profitable 
12:00  Lunch


12:45  Henrik Stene, Knowit Norway: Deploy microservices confidently using Consumer Driven Contracts
13:30  Kimmo Hakala, Chairman of Finnish Software Testing Board FiSTB: ISTQB and TMMi 
14:15   Coffee Break
14:45  Mikael Bendtsen & Mikael Thörnroos, Knowit Sweden: Delivering high quality software fast: a case study from Telenor Sweden
15.30 Break 
15:45 - 16:30 TBD


12:45 Toivo Vaje, Elisa Oyj: Build Your Own Professional Path
13:30 Antti Niittyviita, CEO, Prove Expertise Oy: The Paradox of Quality Assurance
14:15 Coffee Break 
14:45 Zeeshan Ahmed, Knowit Finland: Machine Learning with Azure Machine Learning Studio
15.30 Break
15:45 - 16:30 Sari Alander, Knowit Finland: DevOps ”Secret” Ingredient – People Motivation


16:30 Knowit Quality Summit Closure – Kari Kakkonen
16.45 Knowit Personnel Team Beer with Team Leaders

All presentations will be held in English.



About the speaker: James Whittaker

James Whittaker’s career spans academia, start-ups and top tech companies and starts in 1986 as the first computer science graduate hired by the FBI. James then worked as a freelance developer, most notably for IBM, Ericsson, SAP, Cisco and Microsoft, specializing in test automation. He joined the faculty at the Florida Institute of Technology where he continued his prolific publication record in software testing and security. In 2002 his security work was spun off by the university into a startup which was later acquired by Raytheon.

James’ first stint at Microsoft was in Trustworthy Computing and Visual Studio. He then joined Google as an engineering director and led teams working on Chrome, Maps and Google+. In 2012 James rejoined Microsoft.

James is known for being a creative and passionate leader and sought after speaker and author. Of his five books two have been Jolt Award finalists and one a best-seller. Follow him on Twitter @docjamesw and at his website

About the presentation: The Future of Technology

Apps are eating the web. The Internet of Things will ultimately mean more Internet traffic generated and consumed by machines than by humans. Machines are learning our habits faster than we can form them. What does all this mean for the future? How will we interact with our devices when they are as smart or smarter than we are? How will anyone manage to make money is this coming world? Join Microsoft Distinguished Engineer James Whittaker for an entertaining and thought provoking jaunt into the future – a future coming a lot faster than most people imagine.


  • How the PC, web and mobile eras took us to where we are today and why we are currently in an era of extreme disruption by machines.
  • Understand the technologies that the future will be built on: big data, invisible UI, augmented reality and intelligent machines.
  • Envision how the future will unfold as machines displace the web and mobile and fundamentally change the way work gets done. 


About the speakers: Juhani Teeriniemi and Henri Grönblom

Dr. Juhani Teeriniemi is automation developer at Knowit Oy. His main interests are software automation, testing, and machine learning / AI. He has published several articles in international peer-reviewed science journals in which he has developed machine learning models for materials science. He has DASA Devops, ISTQB Certified Tester, and UiPath RPA developer certificates. He has done modeling and data analysis applications for various sectors ranging from water treatment to metals industry. He also likes teaching and has taught, for example, programming at Aalto University. He is part of Knowit’s AI team.

Mr. Henri Grönblom has been working in software testing and requirements management since 1999. Experience includes testing and requirements management process development and improvement, test management and testing duties, test automation improvement and implementation, testing training and consultancy. Henri Grönblom is currently working as Lead Consultant at Knowit and he leads one of the testing consultant teams and consults and trains customers frequently. He has worked for various industries, including banking, telecom, embedded software, public sector and commerce. He is part of Knowit’s AI team.

About the presentation: Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Software Testing

It has been estimated that software failures cost over 1100 billion USD for U.S. economy in 2016. Most of these failures were due to software defects. Software testing is the only way to validate quality of a new software but it is often difficult to estimate how much testing should be conducted beyond verifying basic functionalities. Furthermore, complete testing is usually impossible.

Recently, machine learning has emerged as a new tool for software testers and developers. In the world of ever more complex development projects, machine learning can provide clarity and enhance automation. This is done by integrating AI to currently used metrics and letting it to find relevant aspects of it. This gives more useful and understandable summary metrics. Dynamic testing can be enhanced by letting AI probe application. This can provide state transition diagrams that might reveal unwanted transitions.

In this presentation, machine learning is discussed in context of software testing, demonstrating how it can support software testing and development activities.

About Speaker: Kari Kakkonen

Mr. Kari Kakkonen has M.Sc. in Industrial Management with Minor in Information Technology from Aalto University ( He has also studied in University of Wisconsin-Madison ( in United States. He has ISTQB Expert Level Test Management Full, ISTQB Agile Tester, Scrum Master, SAFe Agilist and DASA DevOps Fundamentals certificates, and works mostly with agile testing, lean, test automation and DevOps. He has been working with testing tool implementations, software development and testing processes, software development and testing projects, consulting, and training since 1996. He has worked for various industries, including banking, telecom, embedded software, public sector, commerce.

Kari Kakkonen is working in Finland at Knowit (, which is a Nordic ICT services company well-known for testing consultancy and software development, and other innovative ICT related services. Kari is Treasurer of ISTQB (, Treasurer of Finnish Software Testing Board FiSTB (, Kari has been included in IT–magazine “Tivi” 100 most influential people listing. Kari is co-author of Agile Testing Foundations –book.

About the presentation: How will DevOps make each company more profitable

This presentation is a short version of the talk given to several CIOs and their teams about what is DevOps and why and how it will make companies and organizations better in today’s business environment, where speed means better products, better profits, happier customers and eventually corporate survival. Understanding DevOps is the starting point for an organization going on the DevOps journey. Improved workflows and faster deployment starts with a core understanding of DevOps fundamental concepts. The presentation will describe the background, key concepts and principles of DevOps on high level and outlines the changes and benefits that it brings to business. The presentation is aimed at everyone increasing their awareness of what DevOps is and how it affects everyone individual and department.

The presentation will discuss DevOps Business benefits, Continuous Delivery and other DevOps terms, meaning of faster feedback and automating everything you can. DevOps Culture are DASA DevOps principles considered. We also take a look at the meaning of Lean, Agile, autonomous teams, microservices and cloud to DevOps organization. Finally we discuss steps to DevOps and DevOps Maturity Model.

TRACK 1 Presentations

About the presentation by Henrik Stene, Knowit Norway: Deploy microservices confidently using Consumer Driven Contracts

Consumer Driven Contracts is a testing paradigm that let API-consumers communicate to the API-providers how they are using their services. This talk discusses software testing, how and when to use Consumer Driven Contract, and how Consumer Driven Contracts can make developers more confident. It also includes live coding to show how to implement Consumer Driven Contracts using the Pact framework.

To increase the velocity and reduce the cost of microservices development, it is key to be able to build and deploy new versions with confidence that you don't break any dependencies. Microservices are easy to build and run, but they quickly become a tangled web of dependencies that slow down development and result in broken dependencies. Organizations that transition from a traditional monolithic design to a microservice architecture, will soon realize that it is hard to keep track of all dependencies. Consumer Driven Contracts is a testing paradigm that helps developers keep control on all dependencies in a distributed system and this talk will tell more about how to use it and show how to do so in a live demo. 

About the presentation by Mikael Bendtsen & Mikael Thörnroos, Knowit Sweden: Delivering high quality software fast: a case study from Telenor Sweden

Telenor Sweden is currently making significant investments in developing its digital sales channels. Knowit has a strong presence in all development teams working with native apps for iOS and Android as well as the web. In fact, some teams consist exclusively of consultants from Swedish Knowit companies. In this talk we will describe how we manage the entire software lifecycle when developing software for Telenor Sweden’s public website,


TRACK 2 Presentations

About the presentation by Toivo Vaje, Elisa Oyj: Build Your Own Professional Path

At Elisa IT-Business Unit we noticed that our production model had room for improvement. We needed to transform our operations to meet the increasing demand of our customers and employees. As an end result we developed a new agile framework. But that wasn’t enough. We continued to reform the organization to meet our changing needs and stay competitive. As a result we now have an offering for our employees that help them drive their own professional careers. Happy people -> Happy customers

About the presentation by Antti Niittyviita, CEO, Prove Expertise Oy: The Paradox of Quality Assurance

I believe shitty software is a threat to mental health. That is why I hunt bugs as an entrepreneur and CEO of Prove. Everybody’s just happier when software works.

Consider me saying, ”Here. This is the truth. I give you my assurance.”

Would you buy into what I’m saying immediately? Would you not like to question my logic further? To me, assurance invites questions, challenges, and even testing. Yet, most of us seem to be in love with the concept of quality assurance. In this presentation, I propose that there is a hidden paradox inside it, that prevents us from finding bugs that threaten our business.

About the presentation by Zeeshan Ahmed, Knowit Finland: Machine Learning with Azure Machine Learning Studio

Over the past two decades Machine Learning has become one of the mainstays of information technology and with that, a rather central, albeit usually hidden, part of our life. With the ever increasing amounts of data becoming available there is good reason to believe that smart data analysis will become even more pervasive as a necessary ingredient for technological progress. In this session, we will discuss a brief but broad overview of machine learning both in theoretical and practical perspective.  The importance of data quality, quantity and learning algorithms in Machine learning. At the last, we will create and deploy Machine Learning Predictive Model using Azure Machine Learning Studio without writing a single line of code.  “The best code is no code at all” 

About the presentation by Sari Alander, Knowit Finland: DevOps ”Secret” Ingredient – People Motivation

I am passionate about improving working life and job satisfaction and I believe DevOps is a good way of doing so. I have worked in companies which have been on the DevOps journey and recently I have been studying DASA DevOps thinking. People motivation is seen as an important ingredient within DevOps and that is what I would like to discuss with you!