Senior Data Engineer (Databricks)

Grow. Make a difference. Together.

We want to be the best at what we do, and if this resonates with you, it's worth continuing to read, as we are currently looking for an enthusiastic and skilled Senior Data Engineer(Databricks) to join our Data & Analytics team.

What is the role about?

Your main task is to deliver demanding data platform solutions to our clients and to act as one of our senior experts for the work related to Data Platforms and Databricks. Like the North Star, you would be leading others towards data expertise where only the sky and your ambition are the limits. Your role will involve driving the development direction, providing guidance, and delivering effective data engineering and AI / ML solutions within these environments. Performing in public and showcasing our data services would be part of your role as senior expert.

Your workdays will be filled with interesting client projects, including tasks such as planning requirements with our clients, designing integrations from source systems, and selecting suitable cloud platform services for data storage and modelling data and data governance to right format for business. The highlight of this job is the diverse and interesting range of clients we serve, representing various industries and organizations.

As a team, we collaborate and constantly improve our operations (such as DataOps thinking) by networking across different fields with colleagues to innovate and discover the best practices and technologies that benefit our clients. In addition to Data Engineers, our team is filled with professionals in data science, data visualisation and analytics, as well as experienced data and cloud architects.

You will have excellent opportunities to collaborate closely with our technology partners and extend your skills to new technologies too. We have already partnership with Databricks and other latest data technologies such as Snowflake and dbt, and extensively collaborate with our cloud platform partners. Our key cloud platform partners are AWS, Azure, and GCP, and our cloud unit’s high-level professionals are ready to support you when needed.


What do we expect from you?

We, as Knowit employees, are all Makers at heart; we do what we promise with great passion. We take pride in our work and vast expertise.

In addition to the Maker mindset, we expect you to have a strong understanding of Modern Data Stack trends and processes, the courage to look ahead and challenge the past, as well as the ability to design solutions that meet our clients' data and business needs.  

Furthermore, for this type of senior role we would expect that you:

  • Have several years of previous experience in data processing and modern cloud platforms (Databricks in Azure, AWS or GCP)
  • You enjoy solving complex data management challenges and collaborating with clients and the team
  • You have a proven track record from a similar position and have experienced both success and failures
  • Have solid technical competence and hands-on experience in data handling, wrangling and modelling
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills in both Finnish and English

In addition to these skills, we value your genuine enthusiasm for continuously developing yourself as a data professional and utilizing the latest technologies in the field.

How do you benefit for joining us?

Knowit offers you an excellent opportunity to shine in our Data & Analytics team while expanding and deepening your expertise among the industry's top professionals. In the Nordics, we are one of the leading providers of data and analytics solutions. We maintain close partnerships with market-leading technology companies such as Tableau, Microsoft, dbt, Databricks, Snowflake, and AWS.

We are a flat organization where everyone can be their authentic selves. A relaxed, functional, and professional work environment is fundamental to us, and team members are only one Slack message away. We provide modern office spaces in Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku, as well as ergonomic work tools. This role is permanent and full-time, and we offer the opportunity to work with a hybrid model that suits you. Naturally, we provide comprehensive employee benefits to support your well-being and enjoyment at work, including flexible working hours, an excellent work-life balance, extensive opportunities for skills development and career advancement.

We trust and empower you, and we strive to provide you with the professional opportunities that align with your aspirations within our team. Our diverse data activities enable the development of your expertise, and you will have a genuine impact on shaping the future of our data operations.


    Does this sound like a role written in the stars for you?

    If it is, we would definitely like to hear more about you. If you come up with any questions or want to have a quick chat before making any further decisions, just reach out for Talent Acquisition Partner Annastiina Korpi, whose contact information can be found in our career site.

    Annastiina Korpi
    Talent Acquisition Partner
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