We provide education to refugee children

Julkaistu 10 joulu 2018 Kids in a class room

During December, employees and Knowit are working together to raise money to provide displaced children with a chance to attend school and get a better future. The donations will be earmarked for UNHCR’s project Educate a child.

There are four million refugee children and youths around the world who do not have access to education. At Knowit, we find this unacceptable.

Therefore, we have decided to make a Christmas charity donation that gives displaced children the opportunity to learn to read and write, rather than handing out traditional gifts to our employees.

Schooling offers more than just knowledge

The donations will go to the UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, and its important project Educate a child. Through that initiative, hundreds of thousands of children and youths in twelve countries are given the chance to attend school. The project lies close to Knowit’s vision of a sustainable and humane society in the long term.

”Knowit is organizing a holiday fundraising campaign in which we as a company will be matching our employees’ donations to UNHCR’s important work for refugee children. Schooling is not only key to a better future, it is vital to these children. Going to school every day helps them gain a sense of structure in a chaotic situation and is a tool for survival,” says Per Wallentin, CEO and President of Knowit.

Per Wallentin, CEO and President of Knowit.

Per Wallentin, CEO and President of Knowit

30 euro makes a difference

The holiday fundraising campaign gives all Knowit employees a chance to donate any amount they wish through a campaign site, open through Christmas Eve. Knowit, as a company, will match the donations with an equal amount. The goal is to raise SEK 500,000 which is roughly EUR 48,000.

”We hope that as many as possible of our 2,000 employees will take part in the fundraising,” says Per Wallentin.

As an example, 30 euro can provide desk space, a chair and one year’s worth of books and pencils for a displaced child.

”If we achieve our goal, almost 1,700 children can attend school. What a Christmas gift that would be!” says Per.

UNHCR Corporate sponsor

We will remain a corporate sponsor of UNHCR throughout 2019 to contribute to the important work done for displaced children and families.

In past years, we have raised funds for, among other things, UNHCR’s project supporting innovative refugee shelters in Iraq and refugee families from Aleppo.