Kari Kakkonen`s Software Testing Book Dragons Out is Out Now in English

Julkaistu 01 loka 2021

Kari Kakkonen published a software testing book for children and adults called Dragons Out a while back. Now it is available in English as well.

The book explains software testing in plain terms using an analogy to a full-blown fantasy story, featuring dragons, knights and children who grow into knights. It is about dragons that come to bother villages, towns, and castles. Knights, normal villagers and some village children are set to get the dragons out of their lives.
After each chapter, Kari explains how events in that chapter relate to the software testing world. Dragons are bugs, knights are testers and developers and villagers are software users. Each chapter has a different dragon, in the same way as a software tester will find different types of bugs/defects in software. The awesome illustrations of dragons and knights created by Adrienn Széll, bring the stories alive helping children to understand them better. The dragon and knight characters will come back in other forms of learning products after the book.
The feedback from readers has been that adults enjoy reading the book as much as children. Get you copy of Dragons Out now - there is a publishing discount of 25% off the paperbacks with code AUTHOR0921 which is valid until 30th November 2021.
About the author: 
Kari Kakkonen is one of the most sought for agile testing trainers and consultants in Finland and abroad, and has particular skill in getting his audience to understand the software testing concepts and getting people inspired to thrive for better in their work.
Kari just won the peer-nominated EuroSTAR Testing Excellence Award 2021. He is also the Treasurer of Finnish Software Testing Board FiSTB (fistb.fi), ISTQB Executive Committee member 2015-2021 (istqb.org), board member of Finnish Association of Software Testers (testausosy.fi), former auditor of Robot Framework Foundation (robotframework.org/foundation), and member of Agile Finland (agile.fi).